Six String Immersion
artist: Tony Massaro

I have been composing multi-layered instrumental music for a few years now using predominantly guitars with some occasional strings. The moods and energy have a wide sonic variety ranging from mild acoustic melodies to some fairly hard rock. As I would listen back to the mixes, my thinking always moved towards the idea that it reminded me of a soundtrack.

Knowing that typically sound tracks take some kind of imagery or concept and provide a nice backdrop to enhance the presentation, I had often wondered how the music of Six String Immersion could be utilized in this fashion…

One day I heard my daughter listening to her audio bible and it hit me that the wide range of musical stylings I have developed might pair up well with certain spoken bible stories or verses. The bible has topics ranging from war and peace to hell and heaven and everything else between; thus, for example, placing the prophet Ezekiel condemning false prophets over an aggressive rhythm section and having a Psalm proclaiming the glory of God placed over and acoustic compositions made for natural pairings.

What is presented here is the first volume of bible passages covering a wide range of topics and timbres for use in meditating over its truth. The voice phrasings and sentences have been overlaid with the track in precise areas that meld the guitar tones and feelings with the essence of the verses. The tracks are also available without the narrations to enjoy the guitar compositions to create space for a different type of meditation.